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New Mexico, Big game Draw info

New Mexico has some of the very best hunting in the west. Nearly 30% of the state’s land is public consisting of National Forest, BLM & State Trust Land. The only way to hunt this land short of purchasing a governors tag or a unit wide landowner tag is by drawing a tag. Your best odds of drawing one of these coveted tags is to apply in partnership with a licensed New Mexico Outfitter.

Download the Draw Application Form

Due to the current economy everyone is looking for value and this is it. Drawing a tag for one of New Mexico’s top trophy deer or elk hunts is difficult. However when applying with a licensed Outfitter in the “Outfitter draw” your odds are much improved. If successful you will have a quality hunt and will have eliminated the additional high cost of a Landowner permit. This is a big savings as elk landowner permits in these trophy units are running $4500.00 and up. We can put 3 hunt choices and parties of up to 4 applicants per application. If not drawn we can still look into purchasing landowner tags.

Your time is valuable and so is ours, therefore we are only interested in applying for and hunting New Mexico’s top trophy deer & elk hunts. These are areas we know and the types of hunts we all want to be part of ! How the New Mexico Big Game Draw Works (Quotas )

A New Mexico State legislative provision specifies quotas as follows: “a minimum of 84% of the licenses shall be issued to residents of New Mexico”. The remanning 16% of the tags are divided into two groups. With 6% to nonresidents who are not contracted with an outfitter. The remaining 10% of the tags are for both residents and nonresidents who are contracted with a licensed New Mexico Outfitter prior to the application deadline of March 19th. It makes no sense to try to draw a great tag then book with an outfitter when you can greatly improve your chances of drawing a quality hunt by working in partnership with your outfitter and taking advantage of the “Outfitter draw odds”.

HUNTER / OUTFITTER Draw Requirements :

This is where our services at Cola Blanca Outfitters come in. To qualify for the Outfitter pool draw and the use of a Licensed Outfitter’s number, a contract between the outfitter and the hunter is required and must be in place prior to the application process. This contract is an agreement protecting both parties and explaining the terms and conditions of the hunt as well as the cost should you successfully draw the tag.

The cost of the 5 day ( Deer or Elk ) hunt not including application, license & tag fees are $ 3900.00. A 50% deposit of $1950.00 will be due upon your successfully drawing the tag with the balance of $1950.00 to be paid 30 days prior to the hunt. This five day hunt includes: Licensed Guide 2x1, Lodging, Meals, Transportation during the hunt and Trophy care. *Optional ~ Additional $600.00 fee for guide 1x1.


1. If you do not already have a New Mexico CIN “Customer ID number” you will need to go online and create one. You will also create a user name and pass word. Keep a record of these in your files. Link to create a Customer ID#:

2. We are required by the state to have a signed Guiding agreement in place prior to the draw. This agreement states that if you draw a tag through the outfitter draw you will hunt with us, it also spells out what services we will provide. This agreement also gives us specific power of attorney to apply on your behalf. ( Attached see page #4 )

3. Your credit card will be used for upfront application fees. You will be charged a non resident, non refundable application fee of $20.00 per species. A one time $65.00 non-resident Game License, and tag fees of up to $780.00 for Q- Elk & 375.00 for Q- Deer tag’s. All fees will be refunded to your credit card if you are unsuccessful in the draw less the $20.00 application fee per species. You will receive email notices from the New Mexico game and fish Department concerning all transactions.


Trophy Elk: New Mexico has Quality Elk Hunting with the biggest bull’s generally found south of Interstate-40. We are only interested in hunting Elk in the Premium units of 15, 16, 34 & 36. The Wolf problem that is out of control in much of the Northwest is not affecting New Mexico’s Elk numbers.

1st choice unit # 34 Sept. 13-22
2nd choice unit# 34 Sept. 1-10
3rd choice unit# 15 Sept. 19-24
or unit# 15 Nov. 11-18

1st choice unit# 34 Oct. 11-15
2nd choice unit# 15 Oct. 11-15
3rd choice unit# 15 Oct. 18-22
or unit# 15 Nov. 15-19

1st choice unit# 16D Oct. 11-15
2nd choice unit# 36 Oct. 11-15
3rd choice unit# 34 Oct. 18-22

Trophy Mule Deer:

Northern New Mexico’s Unit 2 is well known as the States top producer of trophy class Mule Deer. The unit is split into Sub Units, with units 2B & 2C boarding the Jicarilla Apache Reservation to the east where deer tags go for big money. Unit 2C has few deer & very few tags but great trophy potential, we will make this our first choice. Unit 2B boarders Colorado to the north and gets a good migration when the snow starts to build up in the high country. We are only interested in the late hunts as the big bucks are the last to leave the high country.

1st choice unit# 2C Jan.1-15
2nd choice unit# 2B Jan.1-15

1st choice unit# 2C Nov.9-13
2nd choice unit# 2B Nov. 2-6

Download the Draw Application Form

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